This is my happy little slice of the internet, and I am so pleased you are here.  Whether you love your caffeine in coffee grounds, tea leaves, or carbonation, grab your cup of choice.  I want you to stay awhile and join the conversation.  You see, this blog may have my name in the title, but I hope it will become a home to its readers, a safe haven, a soft place to land when  life throws hard circumstances your way.
I am a reluctant survivor.
The birth of two stubborn (don’t wanna leave a comfy womb) babies.
A miscarriage.
A loved one’s mental illness.
A divorce.
The death of a spouse.
15 years (and counting) of single parenting.
A 20 year stint in higher education.
Most recently:
The tumultuous teenage years.
Sending my firstborn off to college. (Tears)
Dating again…after 15 years!
What do you do…where do you turn when your life (the real one you’re currently living) becomes the antonym of the life you dreamed of?
Shanda rhymes with Panda is an honest blog that seeks to answer this question with one word: JESUS. It’s a look into a woman’s heart as she comes to terms with a life she never expected.
Would you allow me to walk alongside you as we navigate those hard circumstances of life?