I am a member of COMPEL Training

This blog chronicles the true (and only slightly exaggerated) story of how one single mom embraces the uncomfortable, joyful, overwhelming, spectacular, painful, fantastical, fleeting moments of life and lives to tell the tale.  

Why do I blog?  I have people ask me this quite often. I am a single mom with lots to do after all. My simple answer has always been  “I don’t know; I just do. It’s something I enjoy.” That’s been enough.

But I’ve continued to ponder it in my heart.  Do I blog for the validation and affirmation I receive through the comments?  Or is it a creative outlet where I can freely express myself, warts and all? Or am I missing connection with others in my “real” life and therefore seeking it through this online community? Or is it merely a place where I can share the things I’ve found? A place to vent and be the random person that I am? Is it a ministry? An outlet? An autobiography? A community?

The answer is D: all of the above.

The truth is I love to write. I love using my creative juices. I am passionate about it. It feels like what I was made to do. This passion is a gift from God that I can use to minister to and encourage others. Even if all I do is encourage one person to be real, it will all be worth it. Heck, even if that doesn’t happen, it’s been worth it, because I’ve learned to be real, warts and all.

P.S. I also love that when I am gone my kids will have a record of our life. The good days, the bad days, and everything in between.


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