CLING: The Birth of Jesus

I’ve found myself clinging to God’s Word more and more over these past months.  And as I have, I’ve felt a tugging to memorize more scripture.  This is a spiritual discipline that I have practiced very little since my much younger days.

I’ve always loved writing out scripture on notecards and posting them in various places: the bathroom mirror, the visor in my car, at my desk at work.  You get the picture…but…

Lately I’ve been enjoying taking this practice to the next level.  I’ve begun designing my own “scripture memory” cards.  I like pretty things, and I’m very much a visual learner.  This works perfect in aiding me to memorize more scripture…and even in larger chunks.  I’ve begun to print these cards and carry them with me.  I’m even giving them as personalized gifts this year.

I’m also praying about this as a way to possibly make a little side money.  That’s all still up in the air, but, for now, I’m enjoying the opportunity to create something pretty that helps me and others grow in our walk with Christ.

What is a topic or area that you might like to see a series of scripture memory cards about?

Examples: anxiety/worry, love, strength, marriage, loss

Below are my CLING cards for the story of Christ’s birth as told in Luke 2.