Before and After

These past 5 to 6 months have been brutal.  I’m not even lying a little.  There have been moments that I’ve barely even kept my head above water, and quite honestly, I don’t think I did.  I believe without a doubt that JESUS has been holding me up when I feel that I can’t stand up and push forward.

Because somehow, I am still here.  Standing up.  Putting on clothes.  Eating food. Going to work.  Paying bills. Reading my Bible.  Praying like a girl on fire. Pushing forward.

AFTER the bottom dropped out.

After all the bottoms dropped out.

Now I look back at my BEFORE.

And I realize, “WOW, it really wasn’t that great, was it?”

All the change and the breaking and the crushing of ME has created something.

Something good.

In me.

Through me.

Out of me.