I am Gomer.

Who is Gomer? Do you know? If you do, I imagine you are the one who always win at Bible trivia. If you don’t know who she is or that Gomer is even a she, well, don’t feel bad. I’m sure that many would admit that though she’s a person from the bible, we don’t often hear her story. It’s not a pretty and sweet story.

It’s aggressive.  It’s graphic.  It’s violent.

It shows a side of God’s character that most of us don’t want to look at.
We want to imagine a God we can fit in our God-sized box.
We want a God who is always exactly how WE think He should be.

But HE is not.

And the truth is: God is God. He can do whatever HE wants. Because HE’s God. It doesn’t matter what we think.

We find the girl Gomer in the book of Hosea. Go ahead and look it up. I’ll wait. Head on over to chapter 2. If you have a Message bible, well, prepare yourself. It’s rather intense for what you expect from your Bible.
I’ll be honest.

Did you read the chapter?
If you did, I imagine you might be confused.

No. I am not outing myself as a prostitute.
Well, not really.
Oh, maybe I am.
Just not the type of prostitute you’re thinking of.

The dictionary says that prostitute means to sell or offer (oneself); to put to any base or unworthy use.

Well, when you put it that way….

I really am Gomer.

I given myself over time and time again.
Offered myself over to idols.
Given my time and energy away to someone…something unworthy of it.
Given my affection and attention to things of this world.

Did you read the part where HE rips off her clothes, exposes her, and dumps her in a field of thistles?

You might be thinking that’s pretty harsh, huh?
I know I did.

But listen to what I’m about to say…
She needed it.
It was for her own good.

Sometimes it takes hitting rock bottom.
Sometimes it takes being wrecked and brought up short.
But then, guess what?

HE does the unthinkable.
HE gives a brand new start.
HE woos.
HE courts.
HE gives flowers.
HE speaks tenderly.
HE brings hope.


HE is no longer the master- slave driver. HE is the HUSBAND.

He gives her a life she doesn’t deserve.

Gomer is made new.
Gomer is loved.
Gomer is HIS.

I am Gomer.


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