Naps are good. 

Flashback post originally written October 28, 2008:

It happened on a Sunday afternoon. I knew I should have opted for the nap. Instead I found myself surrounded. Held captive by two little people with pleading eyes and a love of the game. Endless choices. Would it be Life, Monopoly, or the favorite family classic…Scene IT Disney edition?
How could I have known? Could this travesty have been prevented? Only God knows.
Scrabble. We had never attempted the likes of Scrabble before. Scrabble was reserved for people with a modicum of intelligence. Individuals whose vocabulary went beyond “poop” and “fart”. But being the fantabulous edu-funtational mom that I am, I suggested it. How hard could it be? So we would use smaller words…We could do this thing. I knew we could. We would conquer Scrabble, and prove our intelligence to one another and the world beyond.
I was wrong. So very very wrong. I learned an important lesson that day. A lesson I shall never forget.
Naps are good. Scrabble is bad…especially when playing with a seven year old who can’t spell.


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