Is Girls’ Night really that Important?

  Tonight I went out for a girls’ night with my bestie and my daughter. We went out for dinner and to a movie.  
(Side note: Can I tell you how happy/crazy it makes me to have an “adult” daughter? Crazy…can we really be here? Where’d my baby girl go?! Happy…we are really beginning to get to a place where we can enjoy each other’s companies as women. That is exciting!)

So…Girls’ night: What is it?

I’m sure that if I put 50 women in a room and asked this question, I would have 50 different answers.  To every woman, girls’ night can mean a different thing.  For the young mom, it can simply be a break from diapers and dishes.  For a widow, it can be the antidote for the loneliness she’s experiencing.  

Girls’ night is for every woman.  And it can be anything from a weekend getaway to a quick coffee.  The common thread is women…just women gathering.  No husbands.  No kids (even though I broke this rule last night). No boyfriends.  No dishes.  No homework.  No laundry.  

Why is it so important?

I asked Grace (daughter) and Kim (bestie) this question at dinner last night.  This has been on my mind a lot lately, mainly because I’ve neglected this area of my life over the past few months (at the very least).  Girls, may I encourage you?  We need each other.  Comparison and envy come easy…if we are honest enough to admit it.  Women are so hard on themselves and one another.  It’s time we give each other grace.  It’s time we love each other.  It’s time we enjoy each other.  

Jesus commands it in John 15: 

“My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.” Verse 12 (NIV)

Our Girls’ Night:

For my local friends, here’s what we did tonight:

 Dinner at a “new to us” local Italian place, Rotolo’s, and fun conversation…  

I’m making an effort toward better health habits…my dinner was yummy though!

After dinner, we zipped back up the road to Target for coffee and end-cap clearance browsing since we had a little time to kill before our movie started.  This is pretty much the best idea I have for a girls’ night (if you’re me!).  Coffee and Target.  Sigh.  It speaks my love language.


It’s come to my attention that many people don’t know about this little entertainment tidbit…so I’ll share it with you.  If you live near a Studio Movie Grill, this is for you.  Every month, SMG hosts a girl’s night out movie.  Tickets are only $3…yes, heard me right! $3!  They are on Wednesday nights at 7:30pm.  It’s always a classic movie.  We saw Sixteen Candles…last month the movie was Ghost.  

Here’s a screenshot I took of the upcoming movies…

You can also see them here along with the other film series.  I am very impressed with our new Studio Movie Grill for offering these different Classic movies at such a low cost.  It makes the opportunity for girls night/ family nights/date nights more accessible to more people. 

More Girls’ Night ideas…

  • Coffee (or Sonic happy hour…if coffee’s not your thing). This is one of our favorites.  Sometimes we get coffee and drive around talking and solving the world’s problems (not really) and venting.  Let me tell you…there’s nothing better (apart from Jesus) than to have a trusted friend who you can share your ugliest, rawest thoughts with.  
  • GET AWAY.  If you can afford it, run away with your girls for a weekend.  I’m dreaming about one of these…who’s in?!
  • Enjoy a hobby together.  Kim and I train and run together. We are planning to run a half marathon together in May.  What do you both enjoy? Make time to do it together!
  • Feed your soul: just recently I stepped way out of my comfort zone and attended a women’s conference called IF (you can read more about it here.  I only knew one other person, but God blessed that time and I met some lovely new friends.  

How do you connect with other women on a regular basis?  Share in the comments…I want to know your secrets!


One thought on “Is Girls’ Night really that Important?

  1. Susie says:

    I need my girl friends for the emotional support my husband can’t provide. It’s just a fact. He’s wonderful, but my bestie gets it.

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