My faith journal isn’t perfect or worthy of some magnificent art award, but isn’t that the point?  Lately across Pinterest, I see these amazing works of art that people are creating in and over their bibles.  I am in no way against those, but I have caught myself coveting the ability to create these beautiful works of art.   

I had to ask myself this question: who is this for?  Why do this bible journaling?  Is it for me?  Is it for Him?  The answer is both.  It gives me a chance to meditate on God’s word and worship in a unique and deeply personal method.  It is not for others to look and think more highly of me and my abilities.

I love my faith journal.  I love to look back on these scriptures and remember why it was so meaningful to me.  

In all my failures, God still chooses to delight in me! He chooses to rescues me.  That rocks me to my core.  When I am down on myself and feeling worthless, I look at this word from God and know that I am loved…delighted in…rescued. 


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