IF: a pictorial part two

The  This post reflects a peek into what God spoke into my heart during IF.  Here are my notes:



 A couple of highlights for me:

  • In the telling of Lazarus being raised from the dead, Jesus performed a lesser known miracle that is often overlooked. He brought Martha’s dead faith to life. She was so hurt by the fact that Jesus didn’t come sooner to save her brother. Her faith was shaken. How often is my own faith shaken by the circumstances of my life? (John 11). FYI: Bianca Olthoff is fantastic. So engaging.  Go look her up!
  • We experienced to time of confession Friday night that I am not entirely sure I can put into the right words. Confession is the gateway to experiencing God in such an intimate and powerful way. I’m so thankful that Jennie Allen chose to start this event with a chance to confess. 

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