Thrifting: Post No. 1

You might not know this about me if you don’t know me very well…but I am quite frugal. I enjoy finding a good deal, figuring out how to do, make, or find things at a fraction of the cost. Or, even better than that, FREE. It is my firm conviction that FREE is good and should always be capitalized.

Some seasons of my life have lent themselves to more frugality than others. I find that being frugal (couponing, CVSing, making my own cleaning and laundry supplies) can be somewhat time consuming. I’m trying to jump back into doing these things because I know the monetary benefit.

When I’m in this frugal mindset, one of my favorite things to do is hit the garage sale/thrift shop circuit. I can almost always find something that I was contemplating purchasing new. Now I will say that I have to go into it with a set amount that I’m willing to spend on that given day. If not, it’s way too easy to justify purchases. I also have to discipline myself to be selective about what I purchase. But I’ll admit… I do love to find a bargain and garage saling is, to me, much like a treasure hunt. You have no idea what you might find.

So, in that spirit, I thought I would use this blog that’s been lingering unattended to…to share some of the “treasures” I’ve unearthed over the last weeks.

A couple of weeks ago… I scored four of these chairs….and how much do you think I paid?

$20 for FOUR chairs! And they’re in good condition! Score!

Last week I went out for a short little while…since the kids slept in and I found myself awake at 7:30am. Sigh. Why can’t I sleep late these days?

Here what I found:

Cardigans and sweaters…which I love and wear pretty much daily through the fall and winter. I paid $2 each for these!

And my favorite find:

I’m in love with this jacket…which Grace is already trying to claim for herself! I paid a little more for this cause I loved it so much. It was marked $10, but I asked if she would be willing to take less. It never hurts to ask. 🙂 I wound up paying $7 for it.

And that brings us to this week…my morning started off a little rocky. Maybe I should back up and let you in on my garage saling strategy. My strategy is that I don’t really have a strategy. I simply follow signs. I’ve been doing this long enough that I know the neighborhoods. I know where to look for the signs. That’s part of the fun. But this morning…I had to drop Grace off at the band hall for a marching competition at 7:30am, so I thought I would try some different areas first. I chased down three signs that all three led to nothing. No garage sales. PEOPLE…if you’re not gonna have it, take down your dang signs.

Glad I got that off my chest…I finally found a few successful sales. Here what I wound up with. I had set myself a $20 spending limit, so I tried to be really selective. But, at $2, I couldn’t pass this up:

Come on, it’s huge…and it’s disney…and it’s coffee. Two of my favorite things in this whole wide world.

I also found this super cute vintage mirror for $1…I’m going to refinish it.


And this “back up” backpack for Grace for $2…it just needs to be washed.


Also these random finds:

This weird “Neil from the Santa Clause” sweater for $.50 because I know my daughter well enough to know that she will love it.


Also this oversized cardi for me for all those cold games and marching competitions. 😍 For $1!


I know this probably seems like an odd purchase, but my kids are always needing Hawaiian shirts for the nights and such. So I couldn’t pass it up for only $.50.



Because I love Tupperware and I needed a new pitcher. $1


And finally…this was my last purchase for $.50…because I have a book addiction and can rarely go to a garage sale or anywhere that sells books without buying one.

To summarize this week, I went in with a $20 limit and only spent $8.50 and still found some great things! Successful week!


2 thoughts on “Thrifting: Post No. 1

  1. Haley says:

    I want to go garage saling with you! I love garage sales! Plus it will give us some time to spend together. That’s the best part!

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