Broken Record


I’m a broken record on repeat. Echoing the same plea today, yesterday, two years, ten years ago. Wondering if I’ll ever quit picking up that old baggage I already laid at your feet a hundred times before. Insecurity could overwhelm my heart, mind, body if I allow it.

What will I do? Will I pick it up? Or will I choose something different? Will I choose to leave my insecurity, my “not good enough”, “not pretty enough”, “not everything enough”…LIES at Your feet?

Will I choose to pick up a NEW thing, a TRUE identity there at YOUR FEET?

Laying down what you’ve believed about yourself for a lifetime is HARD. AND IT SUCKS….

It leaves me feeling vulnerable…not knowing exactly who I am.

Who am I?
Who do YOU say that I am?

I know. Oh how I know. Church for a lifetime gives you all the right answers. But those answers mean nothing if they don’t burrow themselves deep within my “lied to” heart.

Maybe first I need to recognize…remember WHO YOU ARE (Creator) before I can truly know WHO I AM.

Please reveal Yourself to me.

Be near, O God.
Pull me in close.
Hold me. Fill me with identity, security, peace that can only come from You alone.

Breathe on me……………..


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