20 by 40

Back in 2011, I create this list of goals that I would like to complete or see happen before my 40th birthday. Some of these make me laugh, but, for the most part, they’re all things that I want to do. So here I am posting it for all 5 of you who actually read this blog to read. You can ask me/hold me accountable on all of them except #8.

DISCLAIMER: Above all, I want to want what God wants for my life. So all of this is subject to change based on what HE wants. Because if I know nothing else, I know that what He has planned for me is infinitely more fantastical than anything I could come up with.

Here it goes:

1. Read the entire Bible. (It’s gonna happen this time.) DONE.

2. Complete a full marathon. (Not 2 half- marathons…a FULL marathon.)

3. Go to Africa at least once. Preferably more than once. DONE.

4. Take the kids to DisneyWorld. (Surely I can make this happen in the next 6 years.) DONE.

5. Publish something. (Not a blog post.)

6. Graduate from college. DONE.

7. See Grace graduate from high school.

8. Marry an amazing Godly man. (Yes, I said it.)

9. Take Grace to LONDON.

10. Maintain a DEBT-free status.

11. Volunteer at Passion. DONE.

12. Hug as many Ugandan children as possible. DONE.

13. Write my life story.

14. Drive across America with my best friend.

15. Get at least FOUR stamps in my passport. (Note to self: Get a passport first.) TWO DOWN, TWO TO GO.

16. Set foot in Costa Rica, Guatemala, and/or Haiti.

17. Complete a triathlon (or at least, a dualthon).

18. Adopt, sponsor, and/or foster children. (Could I be any more general?) DONE KIND OF.

19. Find a job that I am PASSIONATE about and work at it with my whole heart. DONE.

20. ??? I didn’t have a 20th thing? Any suggestions?


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