A Desperate Prayer

Lord, I love you so much, but I’m horrible at showing it. I want to follow You in everything, but then I allow myself to get distracted from what is truly important. I know that your plan for my life is amazing. I know that once I truly give up control of it all that you will do your thing. I’m trying, Lord. But I’m failing. I can’t seem to bring myself to a place of full surrender. I’m afraid. And I know you’ve not called me to act out of fear. But out of power, love, and a sound mind. Please give me a sound mind. Give me focus. Show me the way to go. I need to learn to trust you completely. I need to learn to love you above all else. More than people’s opinion of me. Lord, I pray that I will not put others on a pedestal. I pray that I will not allow what others think of me to consume my thoughts…my life. I want to be Yours. I want to want what You want for me. Guide me. Mold me. Shape me. Into the thing that will bring You the most glory. I desire You above anything…everything.

You are so good even when I’m not. Give me that peace that goes beyond all understanding. I need your peace right now father.

Give me what you want for me. Less of me and more of you Jesus. That’s what I need. Surprise me with Your best. I will live in expectation of what You are going to do.

Show me the difference between guarding and hardening my heart. Thank You for what You are already teaching me about this. Remove the fear of love from me. Lord, I desire Your best…. not what I think is best.

May I press in to You now more than ever. May I be secure in the fact that I am Yours. That my heart belongs to You and You want full control over it. May I believe that You will take good care of it. That You will guard it from those who might not be right. I trust You. You are so much better at this. You know what I need a million times better than I do. I love You so. I trust You.


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