PURE Delight

Written orignally on 4/28/11 11:48 PM


My heart is so full at this very moment that it just might explode.

I am so in LOVE.

And I wonder…”How did I live before?”

Or “Did I really live at all?”

“Am I just now beginning to fully wake to the God breathed life that’s been mine all along?”

This ONE.  He is…enthralling, captivating, worthy, pure delight.

I wish I could give words to my heart. This English language limits.


Perhaps I shall dance out my joy…in the tradition of my Ugandan brothers and sisters.


I fear that living in this “bless me, bless me” land of the “FREE (but not really)”, I’ve grown calloused, hard hearted, somewhat immune to joy.


You know, JOY?  Do you know what I speak of when I speak of JOY?


Do we even really know JOY?


We are “FREE” and we are “BLESSED”, but not really.


Not if we don’t know JOY.


Not if we ascribed JOY as the result of success.

Not if our JOY originates from circumstance.


For HE is PURE Delight.  JOY unspeakable.  The English language with all its words can’t contain or define the SHEER bliss that is I AM.


For whether I live or die, whether God bless America or not, HE is worthy.  HE is the ultimate source of all JOY.


And I will live and die DELIGHTING in HIM.






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