That dang Elf on his Shelf.

Note:  I wrote this post last year…this year we are living the Elfin life with our precious little elf, Edwin.


I made a huge mistake today.  I mentioned the Elf on the Shelf to my children.  They were all over it. My 13 and 10 year old.  Really?  Come on now.  Aren’t we a little old for that?


I guess not.  So I’ve been doing a little investigating into the Elf on the Shelf phenomenon, and I’ve decided that it is CREEPY with a Capital C.  Apparently parents are supposed to hide the Elf for their children to find, but the children CANNOT touch the Elf or he loses his magical abilities.  Also the Elf is merely an informant watching every move the child makes so that he can report back to Santa.  Oh, yes…Santa.  Who my children have decided to believe in once again…in an effort to receive more presents, I presume.


Back to the Elf.  Have you seen it?


There’s just something about this untouchable Elf that gives me the heebie-jeebies.  I wish I could figure out what it is…


But even beyond that, there’s the not so minor issue of the price tag.  I’m sorry, but I can’t bring myself to pay the full $30 for this elf and his book.  I just can’t do it.  Maybe if my kids were 5…


So I think I’ll check out the dollar tree…and see if I can come up with something equally as engaging.


I think it just came to me why I have this Elf aversion.  Seems a while back I read this story about how Elf on the Shelf was on a mission to steal Baby Jesus’ thunder.  We can’t be having that…


Check it out for yourself here:  Leg Dropping Elves (or the real meaning of Christmas)


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